Roof Maintenance

You should want to protect your investment and we are here to help.  Purchase a maintenance contract and extend the life of your roof.

Keeping your roof maintained and in tip-top shape.

We can help homeowners, property managers, building owners, and HOA’s with planning for the future and keeping their buildings and homes maintained after your roofing installation. We customize a package specific to the property and assist with needs to keep the warranties intact.   Below are descriptions of common maintenance procedures to give you an idea of what that package may include.

Flat Roofs

Modified Bitumen/TPO/Tar & Gravel- Yearly inspection reports to be done, Maintenance as follows: Clean roof area free from debris and trash, evaluate and clean gutter/down spout system, evaluate scuppers & overflows removing entrapped debris as needed, checking all drains, evaluations of flashings, penetrations, and terminations, minor repairs as needed, inspecting equipment on roof for roof damage such as HVAC, pipes, ducts, lines etc; inspecting all laps, evaluation of manufacturer warranty requirements. 

Metal Roofs

Annual Inspection and Roof wash should be done each year to maintain roofs warranty. 5V Crimp/Standing Seam – Both systems take pride in being a low maintenance system and a big reason we offer it to homeowners and commercial properties alike. It can be used in various ways. Maintenance consists of evaluation and replacement of any needed screws on 5V Crimp, replacement of any parts as needed, washing the roof, keeping it clean from debris and trees. 

Shingle Roofs

Maintenance would be inspection and repair of minor leaks due to high nails or nails rusted out, inspection of shingles to ensure no degranulation has happened.

Tile Roofs

Inspections of valleys and ridges, cleaning as needed, replacement of broken or cracked tiles. 

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Maintenance Projects

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