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Whether replacing a roof or capping off your new home. Hendrick roofing can install a flat, shingle, tile, or metal roof on your castle!

Choosing the right roof for your home

One of the most important decisions you have to make is selecting the type of roof for your residential or commercial building. There are several types, and materials to choose from.  I can be a confusing task to say the least.

Not only do you want to choose a roof that accentuates the architecture of the building, you also want it to last and stand up to the weather conditions in your area.

Choosing the Right Material

Shingles, Tiles, Flat (Built Up or Membrane), and Metal are the most popular types of materials to choose from. You must consider cost of installation, the approximate time it should last, and how much maintenance would be required to make sure your roof lasts as long as possible with little to no repairs needed, until the time comes when it just must be replaced.

Schedule a Free Consultation

For all these reasons and a host of others we recommend you schedule a free consultation/inspection with us so that we can listen to your wants and help you realize your needs and assist you in choosing the right roof for your casa.

Use the form to the right and as a bonus we will send you our questionnaire that will help you find the right contractor for your roofing needs and any other items you may need to hire a contractor for.

Hendrick Roofing has over 50 years of combined experience and we are the Tile and Metal roofing experts in the Tampa Bay Area. If you want great experience and job whose quality is through the roof, you can count on Hendrick Roofing!

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