Tile Roof

If you want to have the absolute most options in terms of color and style then you should consider a Tile Roof.

With options galore here are some tile options to explore

Tile roofing comes with its own advantages when compared with other types of roofing like composite shingles.  Although traditional tile roofing is known to be fragile, there are other variants that address the problems with traditional clay based tiles.

Cement Tiles

Heavy in comparison to the clay tiles, cement tiles are fireproof and reliable. Cleaning is a snap and homeowners themselves can do the cleaning. Cement tiles come in a variety of colors and textures,and they are also low on maintenance.  Cement roofing tiles are more expensive than traditional clay tiles.

Slate tiles

Distinctive in looks these tiles are heavy and may require additional support to incorporate them on your roof. Cleaning is also not a task that a homeowner should take as these tiles are very fragile.  Your roofing contractor will probably recommend a maintenance plan to keep these tiles looking and performing their best.  This would obviously also increase the cost of choosing to go with Slate Tiles, but they really look cool!

Reinforced Tile

There are numerous benefits to fiber reinforced concrete tiles.  These tiles come in several textures and looks.  Your roof can look like wood, stone, or something else depending upon the chosen texture. Reinforced tiles are insect, and fire proof, as well lightweight when compared to concrete tiles.

Synthetic tile

If you want to give yourself the most options available when referring to styles and colors you may want to choose synthetic tile.  Synthetic tiles are typically cheaper than most other choices, and very low maintenance as well. Synthetic tiles like metal roofs can be installed over top of an existing roof that is still in good structural condition.

If you would like to discuss the available options for a new tile roof, or you need a repair to an existing roof, use the form to the right to schedule a free inspection.

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