Shingle Roof

Shingle Roofs long considered the standard roof, however not all installations are the same.

When it comes to roof replacement, a shingle roof must be replaced about every 20 years if you have kept up with maintenance. Some are made to last longer, but there are many variables that will play a part in how long your shingle roof lasts.

Replacement Considerations

There are three main factors you should consider when it comes to shingle roof replacement:

  • Causes of damage
  • Types of replacement
  • Contractor requirements

All are important parts of the decision-making process and will matter in the end.

There are many things that can damage or even destroy a shingle roof. Weather is, perhaps the main cause. Depending on where you live, you may be subject to natural elements such as: snowstorms, ice storms, or strong windstorms. All these natural disasters can destroy a roof.

Different types of shingle roofs.

The most common is asphalt. This type is cost-effective and usually contains some type of fire-retardant material. This is important as it cuts down on the risk of destruction by fire. If your asphalt shingle roof has only one layer of shingles that lie flat, with the decking in good condition, then this existing layer can be kept providing additional protection from moisture and other elements. By doing this, you can do away with the hassles of disposing and costs of removal.

After the inspection of the roof substrate or sheathing, the following signs and conditions should tell you that a complete removal of the current roofing is needed:

  • if the roofing is composed of more than one layer of asphalt shingles,
  • considerable rotting is revealed;
  • roughness or deformation of the seething members is evident this may cause an uneven roof if another layer of shingles were laid on it;
  • the roof droops along the truss lines.

This evaluating stage calls for an experienced roofing contractor as the results of the inspection would largely influence which installation methods is appropriate for the replacing asphalt shingle roof.

Inspection can make all the difference.

When done thoroughly, the homeowner can be assured of proper application, flat and level installation, and enough ventilation to let your roof breathe. Replacing asphalt shingle roof can be challenging. The expertise and skills required to produce a successful installation that will last 20 years or more requires a knowledgeable contractor like Hendrick Roofing with over 50 years of combined experience and quality that is through the roof.

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